Do you want to utilize the advantages of the SIEWERT BRIDGE™ Solution for your lab or dental office?

The SIEWERT BRIDGE™ Solution team is at your side with advice and support, along with our dealers. All 5 components of the SIEWERT BRIDGE™ are listed below and can be ordered directly from our dealers. We are convinced that the simplicity and the many advantages of this system will inspire you anew every day in your daily work. For an overview of the workflow and the resulting benefits, please refer to the associated PDF in the media library or click on this link. In just 5 minutes of reading time, you will be introduced to the advantages of this system.

If you are a Dentist

Using Silicone Impressions   Using an Intraoral Scanner

If you are a Dental Laboratory

You need parts for the SIEWERT BRIDGE™ Solution or need further information contact our dealer Medical Precision Implants MPI directly at via the contact form or directly by email at (English, German, and Spanish). You can order the necessary SIEWERT BRIDGE™ components directly from our dealer under the following item numbers:

- Laboratory Screw Pack (1 unit) -> SBSMUL
- Patient Screw Pack (1 unit) -> SBSMUP
- ScanBody (1 unit) -> SBMUUSB
- Screw Driver (Standard 1,20 mm hex) -> SDLB
- USB with library files exocad -> SBUSB