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Smart CAD/CAM Prosthetic Solution on Implants

Passiv Fit Guarantee (assurance)

Every work step during the entire workflow can possibly contain a hidden error. This starts with taking the impression on the patient, then with the production of the model as well as with the milling process. Due to the materials used in the SIEWERT BRIDGE, a passive fit is guaranteed despite the slight inaccuracies. How is that possible? The modulus of elasticity of unfilled PEEK as the base carrier material lies in the area of the cancellous bone. Due to the special veneering of the PEEK bridge framework with ceramic single crowns, the finished SIEWERT BRIDGE has a certain elasticity, which allows to compensate for inaccuracies in the tenths of a millimeter range. In other words; when the bridge is screwed on, it is pulled onto the multi-unit abutments without compressive or tensile forces being generated on the implant - bone interface.